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Get back your energy and relax in our wellness centre after a long walk or an exciting day on the slopes. Finnish Sauna, Turkish bath, aromatized showers, Kneipp therapy basin, Jacuzzi and a modern UVA solarium are at your disposal.
Looking for a swimming pool? Thanks to our agreement you can get discounted entry tickets at the new aquatic center “Dolaondes” here in Canazei which is only 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel.


Aromatized showers: They are ideal after a sauna or a Turkish bath. The body is massaged from many nebulized and aromatized drops, which will release an invigorating essence on your skin.

Kneipp Therapy Basin: Enjoy the tingling cool of water drops which quickly refresh the hikers tired feet!
In the Kneipp walking basin with reflexology foot massage you can regain energy and stimulate your circulatory system. The Kneipp Therapy exploits the passages on two baths, where the alternation of the hydromassage with warm water (38°) and cold water (18°) permits to obtain an immediate benefit for the circulation and for the nervous system. The warmth calms, soothes the body and it slows up the activity of the inward organs. On the contrary, the cold stimulates and invigorates improving the inner activity. The alternation with warmth and cold reduces the stress and stimulates body and mind.

Turkish bath: It originates from the east. It increases the temperature of the skin thanks to the steam. The temperature is about 43/45 °C with a humidity of 90 %. In this particular condition, the blood vessels dilate, the circulation improves in every part of the body. Thanks to the sweating, the loosening and the elimination of the toxins are aided.

Jacuzzi: This bath founds its regenerating function on the effectiveness of the massages, which are the result of the numerous water jets that are situated on the surface of the bath in order to touch and tone specific muscles and in order to aid the venous circulation at the same time.

Finnish Sauna (“dry sauna”):
It originates from Finnish culture. In this treatment, the temperature can reach 80-100 °C and induces a significant sweating of the skin. The humidity is not over 10-20 % except when the water is splashed on the stones. Sometimes some essential oils, for example pine or eucalyptus, are added to the water in order to give a balsamic effect.

New generation UVA rays solarium UVA are the most important rays for the suntan. In addition, they have effects on the cellular metabolism and they cause benefits for the organism, for example the synthesis of the vitamin D that is essential for the bones in order to assimilate the calcium and the magnesium. The ultraviolet rays increase the concentration of antibodies of the blood, increasing the capacities of the immune system to fight the infections.

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