New dining room at Hotel Césa Tyrol

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The new dining room at Hotel Césa Tyrol is fabulous

At Hotel Césa Tyrol we have opened the 2017 summer season with a brand new dining room and who has already seen it has been thrilled. We have really enjoyed so much and kindly appreciations, and we are grateful to you, because we’ve got your confirmation of our great effort to continually improve and make your stay more enjoyable. We keept our “Césa Tyrol” mountain style where wood prevails over everything and gives the feeling of warmth that characterizes our places.

Of strong impact are the large windows, that give a spectacular brightness to the entire room from which you can admire the wonderful panorama of the Dolomites that surround us and in particular on the Gran Vernel. The space in the room is virtually doubled and that together with its special furnishings give a very pleasant feeling.

The menu is further enriched: every evening we offer you a rich buffet of appetizers and salads of our vegetable garden. The service has also changed, in fact now the seconds are served directly to the dish, thus improving the service speed and quality.

But in words it is difficult to describe everything so there is no better reason to invite you directly to our structure.

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