New important information!

Last updates of 30.12.21: Green pass strengthened
From 10 January 2022 until the end of the state of emergency, the use of the reinforced green pass (2G) is extended to include the following activities:

hotels and accommodation facilities;
feasts resulting from civil or religious ceremonies;
festivals and fairs;
convention centers;
outdoor restaurants;
ski lifts;
swimming pools, swimming centers, team sports and wellness centers, even outdoors;
cultural centers, social and recreational centers for outdoor activities.
In addition, the reinforced green pass is necessary for access and use of means of transport including local or regional public transport.


From December 16, 2021, a Covid test (molecular or antigen test) is mandatory for people arriving from abroad *, even if they are in possession of the 2G (healed or vaccinated) certificate. (* from age 6)
For people without a 2 G certificate (healed or vaccinated), the obligation to test before entering Italy remain in place and the additional measure of 5-day quarantine with a further test at the end of the same is introduced.

Some clarifications on the use of the Green Pass (EU QR code covid certificate):

For access to the hotel, the internal catering and the hotel services themselves, the basic Green Pass (3G) is required (which can also be obtained with a tampon every 48 hours).

The Green Pass will be checked upon your arrival during Check-in, and, with your permission, we will mark if you have a Super Green Pass (obtained only with Vaccination or if Healed > 2G) so that we do not have to check it every day of your stay.

Other cases where the Green Pass Base is sufficient:

• Use of the ski lifts (white and yellow regions)
• Christmas markets
• Local public transport

The Super Green Pass is instead necessary for:

• Use of the ski lifts (orange regions)
• Shows
• Sport events
• Indoor catering (huts, restaurants)
• Museums, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, live clubs, galleries, libraries and other places of culture
• Discos and Open-ski

For more information, please refer to the official Trentino information site:

Ski safe with Green Pass
Finally back on the slopes, with the following safety measures:

To access the lifts the EU QR code covid certificate (in Italy called Green Pass) (proof of vaccination, a negative test or recovery from the virus) is mandatory from the age of 12.

The skipass, available online or at our selling points has to be activated daily after verification of the green pass.
Additional, a surgical mask or higher is compulsory on lifts with closed vehicles and the capacity on cable cars, gondolas and chairlifts with canopy will be reduced to 80 %.
There is no limit for the number of skipasses, therefore the reservation is not required.

More detailed information’s can be obtained at :

We guarantee You a safe holiday without giving up the pleasure of staying with us.

Staying safe and well at our Hotel

Dear Customer,
we wish to inform you that we have taken all the health and safety measures requested by the competent authorities, in order to maximize the security of our guests and staff.
We ensure compliance with the highest hygiene standards in common areas, rooms and in contact with our team, so that you can enjoy your holiday with pleasure and peace of mind.
You will be able to personally witness these procedures at your arrival in hotel. We will ask you, of course, for a certain degree of collaboration, which is essential for us. Only together, respecting al the rules of conduct, we can guarantee you a wonderful holiday in absolute tranquility and safety .
Our health and safety procedures are as follows:
  • Constant cleaning and sanitizing of all areas, rooms, halls and meeting points.
  • Deep and careful disinfection of all surfaces that are commonly touched (door handles, lifts, welcome desks, tables, etc… ) several times a day.
  • Protection devices in constant use by all our staff.
  • Hand sanitizers located in numerous areas.
  • Staff thoroughly trained in security procedures.
  • Streamlining measures for check-in and check-out.
  • Personal protection devices available for guests on request.

What do we use for disinfection?

  • Sodium hypochlorite and alcohol, diluted according to the requirements of the Ministry of health
  • Cleaning products certified for medical and surgical supervision
  • Industrial-grade machinery for spraying sanitizing substances 
  • Ozone generator for pillows and duvets
We are happy to welcome you: Your well-being is our mission.

Open spaces, warm welcome and safe holidays this winter in Trentino

For a peaceful and stress-free stay

Wide-open spaces and the rhythms of nature have always made Trentino the ideal destination for those seeking balance and well-being in any season. Even during a snowy winter. As a matter of fact, 800 km of ski slopes, 229 ski lifts, 6,000 km of trails and over 1,000 trees per resident are waiting for you In Trentino!

These numbers show that there are many choices for less sporty skiers and tourists and that the chances of ending up in a crowd of people can be limited. That being said, even here in Trentino, where there is a lot of open space, crowds and queues can form.

That is why we are continuing to work hard to ensure everyone’s safety, even during the winter, to make your holiday in Trentino a time dedicated to nature, to having fun and to carefree relaxation. On the ski slopes and in the hotels, snow lodges, ski buses and the restaurants of the coolest ski resorts, you will feel safe because we have set detailed protocols in place that will reduce any risk and will ensure everyone’s safety.

We look forward to seeing you in the same way that we look forward to the first snowfall, confident in our ability to guarantee you not only the welcome we have always taken pride in extending, but also the chance to enjoy your holiday so you can recharge in nature and with the people you love.

You can find updated information in this section on all the measures implemented to take care of you and your loved ones in Trentino.

The most important measures implemented in Trentino this winter

Here you will find a summary of the most important measures that we have implemented for a safe winter holiday in Trentino.

We guarantee:

  • “smart” management of queues and crowds as well as increased online booking and payment services
  • daily sanitising of all lift cabins and gondolas, toilets and other public spaces
  • due to reduced capacity, increased frequency of transportation services such as ski buses to meet the needs for those coming from further away
  • attentive service and compliance with anti-contagion measures even in restaurants located at higher altitudes
  • the size of groups is limited for ski lessons and other activities so that you can take part with peace of mind
  • an efficient rescue service operates in the area, available 24 hours a day and able to deal with any type of emergency
  • all personnel working in the tourism sector will undergo regular health checks

Help us take care of you

In order to help us take care of you, all our other guests and local operators, we ask that you enjoy your holidays in Trentino, complying with these basic rules:

  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands
  • Wash your hands often or use the hand sanitiser that will be made available to you
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and then make sure to wash your hands
  • Maintain minimum safe distances from people that are not part of your family or group and wait patiently in queues
  • Always wear your face mask inside and outside and in all in the areas where it is required, even outdoors.
  • Make all your bookings in advance, like your ski pass, equipment rental, lessons and meals (especially in lodges) and use e-payments whenever you can
  • Do not go out if you have any flu-like symptoms and if you have a fever (37.5°C and over) or if you are living with anyone who has symptoms that could be COVID-19
  • If you suspect that you may have been infected, then do not go to the emergency room. Call the local medical service (Guardia Medica) or report it to the manager of the hotel where you are staying.

Attention: due to the constantly changing situation, sudden changes may be made to the regulations which may result in stricter or looser provisions. This page and the sections it contains will be constantly updated.
Last updated on: 19 October 2020

In Trentino, the situation is monitored through the constant efforts of a dedicated task force, with more than 1,500 swabs carried out each day. Nevertheless, it is important to work together and follow a few simple instructions to limit potential risks. In this section you will find all the updates related to the current requirements:

  • it is compulsory throughout Italy to wear a face mask both indoors and outdoors, and in the vicinity of people with whom you do not live (this also applies to car trips). Children under the age of 6 remain exempt from this obligation, although the obligation to wear a face mask on all public transportation, for the entire duration of the journey, applies from the age of 3 years and up.
  • People with health conditions that prevent them from wearing a face mask, and anyone performing physical activity alone while respecting minimum social distancing of at least two metres from others, are also exempt from the obligation to wear a mask.
  • Additional containment measures have been applied to catering services (see below) to ensure greater safety.
  • to limit a possible increase in infection, indoor and outdoor nightclubs and similar dance venues will remain closed throughout Italy, on the basis of a provincial decree. Nightclubs and dance venues where dancing remains prohibited may still play live music or music played by a DJ, providing that social distancing is observed and gatherings are avoided.
  • Anyone arriving to Italy and Trentino from Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Spain is required to fill in the following self-declaration form and to undergo a molecular or antigen (swab) test on arrival at the airport, port or border crossing point or must do so at the provincial health services office within the first 48 hours of their arrival. Alternatively, when returning to Italy, individuals must present certification to a person with the authority to perform the necessary checks that they have already been tested and that the result was negative 72 hours prior to entering Italy.
  • For anyone arriving to Italy and Trentino from any other EU or Schengen Area country, Andorra and the Principality of Monaco, they only have to fill in a self-declaration form. 
  • for anyone arriving to Italy and Trentino from Australia, Canada, Georgia, Romania, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay must fill in a self-declaration form, go into voluntary quarantine and have their health monitored. Once in Italy, it will be possible to reach your final destination only by private vehicle.
  • At this time no tourists can travel to Italy and Trentino from any other part of the world: travel is allowed only for specific work, health or study reasons or in cases of absolute urgency.

For any questions on this subject, a toll-free number, 800 390 270, has been set up in Trentino from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., non-stop and on Saturday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Trentino’s accommodation services have reorganised to adopt all the measures they need to prevent contagion and guarantee that you can enjoy your stay with complete peace of mind. By reading the dedicated guide that we have prepared you will be able to find all the necessary details based on the facility you choose. In Trentino, protection and safety are guaranteed at every altitude, even in our alpine huts! These high-altitude cabins have been reorganised to continue offering their refreshment and accommodation services. You can find more details here.

For that indispensable and precious part of your holiday that speaks directly to your palate and crosses your table, we have prepared this guide. You can reread the provisions and measures that have been implemented and that need to be followed in restaurants and venues that the realms of Trentino gastronomy, where the territory is presented through tradition recipes, imaginative reinterpretations of the same and above all local products.

There is so much to do in Trentino. Its varied territory, although not vast, offers very different landscapes that change from the Cima Presanella, which is 3,500 metres above sea level, to Lake Garda, which is only 70, and will let you organise a holiday that is versatile, where you can combine physical activity in the midst of nature with a passion for art, shopping and relaxation.

What is important to us is, that no matter which activity you want to do, or which activities you want to combine, you can do it in the utmost safety. And to help you dispel any doubts, we have prepared some themed guides for you where you can delve into specific aspects of what interests you most.

If you prefer a relaxing holiday, where you can be pampered and immediately feel better, between the gurgling of the thermal waters and the steam rooms of the spas, you can read the dedicated guide.

If, instead, your ideal vacation is one that mixes cultural elements, such as museum visits and city walks where you can shop and maybe find those perfect gifts you would like to bring home from your holidays, we have prepared two useful guides.

Find out how to make the most the cultural system and shopping in complete safety.

If you are on holiday with children, don't worry, we have thought of that too, preparing this guide specially for you.

Trentino boasts a wide network of local services — buses, ski buses, shuttles and commuter trains — which guarantee transport within the largest towns on the valley floor as well as links between these settlements and the mountain valleys surrounded by countryside. At the moment, the local transport system has resumed operating as normal, though with a number of procedures and measures in place and at reduced capacity to guarantee that its services can be provided while protecting all users. This guide will help you get to know how it works. 

In this other guide, we have tried to collect all the information and provisions useful for using the ski lifts that take everyone up to the top of the mountain, the downhill skiing enthusiasts and everyone else!

An extensive network of medical facilities and rapid intervention in emergency situations: these are the two defining features of Trentino’s healthcare system and the service it provides to guests as well as locals. This essential service, together with many others, will ensure that you have peace of mind during your holiday in Trentino. You’ll probably be wondering if the healthcare crisis is under control here in Trentino, if and how the situation is being monitored, and whether there are specific procedures in place in the event of contagion.

We’d like to put your mind at ease. We want to share with you how Trentino has managed the epidemic and what precautionary measures have been put in place to protect the health of guests and locals. In the wake of the COVID-19 healthcare crisis, a task force was set up to monitor the trend of coronavirus infection in Trentino. Hospitals have been reorganised to increase the number of beds in intensive care and a pre-triage system has been implemented with a dedicated area and immediate assistance for people displaying flu symptoms.

To deal with the emergency, a national toll-free COVID number has been set up, active 24 hours a day for each citizen and can be reached by dialling 1500. The single emergency number, 112, should be used for all other emergencies.
Another useful tool created to counter the spread of the epidemic is IMMUNI, the national contact tracing APP, which lets you know if you have been in contact with others who are infected. For more information and to download the app, go here.


What should you do if you think you have COVID-19 symptoms?

If you have a fever, cough or difficulty in breathing or you suspect you have had close contact with a person affected by COVID-19, do not go to A&E or the medical clinics located throughout the territory! Inform management or the owner of the property where you are staying in order to contact the tourist medical service in the area as soon as possible, which will take action with the provincial body for Healthcare Services to carry out the medical examination in safety.

More information on services organised in Trentino can be found here.